snowy peaks.2Today, while on my cold morning walk, clouds covered the snowy peaks – sent by God in answer to the prayers of many for rain. I joined my congregation in praying for those rains and dared not complain of the cold.

I thought how like our life are the seasons. We have days of sunshine and days of rain. Days of bitter cold and days of warmth. Both are needed for us to grow – and for us to rejoice in the sunshine that follows the storm.

I walked past the houses of friends and strangers, each with their own storms and cold pain. Some rejoice because their cancer is in remission, some cry because their husband just died.

I walked silently – bundled – protected from the storm. And I returned to my house alone.

How much better it is to reach out a blanket of love to those who are shivering from the weight of their burden than it is to stay indoors and sit alone by our own fire, complaining of the cold outside.

My heart now turns to God and asks him to show me who to give my blanket to.

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