It’s OK to Cry

Gethsemane_Carl_BlochThis morning, I cried.

My heart hurts for a friend who is going through an agonizing struggle caused by circumstance compounded by choice. I hurt.

And I cried.

My tears have yet to take away my own pain – and they can’t take away my friend’s heartache. Yet, I am liberated through my tears.

I turn to God and ask Him to surround my friend with Heaven’s angels. And God answers my heart.

He doesn’t take away my pain, nor does he wipe away my tears. Instead, he opens my heart and fills it with light. Through my faith, and because of His Son’s sacrifice, He fills my soul with peace.

God asks me this time to be the angel. He asks me to wrap my friend in my own arms and help to bear his burden.

God asks me to LOVE.

And He cries too.

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