blogtetons3Yesterday, my husband and I left an enchanted forest high in the magical Tetons – a place that won my heart when I first visited there some time ago. This enchanted forest was full of life – red, white, and blue flowers freshly blossomed for our July celebrations, a mother doe feeding her newly born fawn, and a momma moose teaching her youngster how to eat grown up food. Birds and crickets chirped enthusiastically, and powerful rivers thundered down from their heavenly peaks.

moose2blogflowers4It took a day for me to stop searching for an internet connection on my iPhone and to stop pressing its big “F” app. Gratefully, these apps were unavailable for 48 hours, so I could listen and feel and connect to this magical place without distraction from the outside world. Without distractions from texts or emails, I planted my bare feet on a rock covered with icy lake water and I felt the heat from the excruciating pain in my head exit out my feet as I became one with the lake and the deep blue sky – and the heavens. Despite my pain, I could feel God’s arms wrap around my heart and remind me that I am his.

Unfortunately, I am a slow learner. Too often I allow the distractions of this world – the news, a bad hair day, other peoples’ lives as represented on Facebook – to steal my time and fill the space meant to be filled with reminders of God’s hand in my life. It’s time I remember the lesson God has taught me more times than I can count – LISTEN. Listen to the wind and the birds and the waves of this earth. Listen to water and laughter – and the tears of breaking hearts. Listen to God’s words in my own heart – and then follow where I am led.

Put down the cell phone, I hear again in my heart. And connect. Connect with my brothers and sisters and daughters and sons. Connect with my grandparents who have gone before me and my grandchildren still to come. Connect with the earth and the sky and the heavens. Connect with my heart – and LISTEN! tetons2

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