Wendy Parmley pass-along-page-001 (2)Today, I am extremely grateful to the many people who have helped me and continue to help me prepare for the launch of Hope after Suicide one month from today. Not only is the book being released on August 12, 2014, but I am approaching the three year anniversary of the bicycle accident which changed my life. Due to my brain injury, without the continued assistance of family, friends, and the talented Cedar Fort staff, this book wouldn’t be possible.

Thank you to my husband who printed countless manuscripts to share with family and friends and endorsers, and for holding me up when I would otherwise fall. Many nights he has cradled my spinning head in his hands and tried to will the pain away. He is my steadier, my loyal rock, and my best friend – forever. I love him with all of my heart.

Thank you to my children who each have shared their unique talents and their support. My oldest son has offered his legal expertise; my second, his webmaster skills; and my youngest, his faith and prayers. My daughter, an author herself, has been my right arm from start to finish. She helped prepare my manuscript for submission and completed the editing with the publishers prior to it being sent to press. She set up my Facebook page, my Twitter, Goodreads, Linked-In, and Amazon Author accounts and helps to maintain them as I am still not able to look at a computer for longer than thirty-minutes at a time. She cooks and shops and gardens and cleans and wonders if she will ever be able to leave home. 

Thank you to my good friends, Melissa Pahl and Janelle Stopa, who read each word I wrote from start to finish. They laughed with me and cried with me, and encouraged me to tell the story. Lisa Bullock encouraged me to see the heavenly hands in my life – and helped me write my first Facebook post. Barney Hadden, my old debate partner and friend from high school, offered his editing expertise and reminded me to “show” and not “tell.” He helped with revisions and made the story better.

My class of 2007 MBA friends – Jason Russell, Jamie Morningstar, Matt Warner, Wayne Wengreen, and Bob Wood – continue to advise me and help with publicity. Thank you for your assistance with market research, press releases, social media, networking, endorsements, etc., etc. I count you some of my dearest friends.

And thank you to the wonderful staff at Cedar Fort who never seem bothered by my many questions. They have helped transform the manuscript from rough words on a page to a beautiful book that can help others on their own healing journeys. Thank you for making the book better and for allowing me the opportunity to unashamedly share my story. Indeed, there is Hope after Suicide.

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