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3/6/2015 Wendy shares her story on the Kim Power Stilson Show

1/22/2014 Wendy Speaks at Survivor of Suicide Loss Day, From Heartbreak to Hope to Healing

11/15/2014 Guest video at Pearl of the Greatest Price Retreat for the Ask, Seek, and Knock Ministry.

11/4/2014 Interview with Rod Arquette. 105.7 FM and 570 AM Choose Life! The interview starts at minute 60.

10/28/2014 interview with the amazing Mother Love on LA Talk Radio  The interview begins at minute 64. Mother Love was an amazing host – full of light and love. From my heart.

10/8/2014 interview with Precious Watson, USA News:

“Be compassionate. There is no shame in having a mental illness diagnosis.”

“There is hope and healing for those suffering from a mental illness.”

September 29, 2014 show of “One Hour at a Time” with Mary Woods. I had the opportunity to be a guest on her show. “Supporting individuals in their efforts to get on with life beyond illness has been Mary’s mission…”

9/20/2014 “Parmley’s story is one of love, forgiveness and faith.” Arianne Brown, Book Review, Deseret News.

8/24/2014 Interview on CFRA Radio Sunday Nights with Rabbi Bulka.

8/19/2014 Interview on UPR with host Tom Williams.

8/14/2014 Radio interview with Ty Ray and Nick Gelso on Beats & Eats. Interview starts at minute 45:00.

8/14/2014 Radio interview with Newstalk 1490 WVBG host David Boolos in Vicksburg

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

8/12/2014 Radio Interview with Wendy Parmley on Newsradio AM 1620 Pensacola here.

Article on the Forked River Gazette, There is Hope After Suicide here.

“In her book, Hope after Suicide, Wendy Parmley invites the reader beyond the public square of opinion and perception giving them a personal and vulnerable glimpse of her encounters with suicide. In her memoir, Wendy gives voice to individuals and families who share her cultural and religious perspective dealing with this emotionally charged subject. Having served as a Police Chaplain for many years in multiple states, her story has a familiar tone and rhythm. There is no question that suicide and suicidal thoughts have led people through some very dark and seemingly hopeless moments which are difficult to understand unless you have personally faced suicide. Regardless of your personal experiences, you will have your perceptions on this subject challenged and expanded. Wendy enables the reader to not only share her journey, but also her hope.”
—Chaplain Dean L. Jackson, Provo Police Department

“Enduring the pain of losing a loved one is one of life’s most difficult trials. When that loss comes because of suicide, the pain and grief take on an entirely different persona. In her book, Wendy Parmley opens her heart to share her own story of loss to suicide. I felt privileged to read this book and to have been granted a view of her journey from despair & pain to hope & healing. There is something for everyone to relate to and to learn from in this beautifully told story of a girl, a woman, a mother, trying to make peace with the past and the present.”
—Melissa Pahl, nurse educator

“I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book! I have not experienced the loss to suicide with immediate family or friends, but the book was very personal and I felt I could understand the feelings of sadness and devastation that occur with this sickness. Wendy Parmley is a gifted writer who can bring the reader through the feelings of despair, loneliness and sadness of suicide and then give the reader the feeling of hope and peace that can occur for those who suffer. I highly recommend this book to all who want healing or understanding of this disease.”
—Janelle Stopa, Orem, UT

“We all have secrets of some sort and Wendy Parmley has bravely shared a very private one in this book. In doing so, she lends courage to those of us who are wrestling with our own past. Her writing is engaging and fresh but it is the story itself that speaks to my soul. Her journey to face her past can give readers hope for their own healing. I loved this book and am better for having read it.”
—Jennifer Pollei, friend, Orem, UT


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